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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
♥ 2:19 AM

camp! chalet! still haven't posted! i know! forgive me! ):


i'll still reply tags here and all, but you should comment on my livej instead! :D be hip, man!

Monday, December 22, 2008
♥ 4:00 PM

Yes, still haven't posted about camp and chalet!! Thousand apologies!! O:

So many funnies lately. :)

Today was good, I watched Twilight (again) with Becky, Vanessa, Linn and Clarisse! It was da bombzxz, cause I let myself forget about the book. :D Becky was so retarded! Cause she hasn't read Twilight yet, so she didn't understand Edward's pained look when Bella sat next to him during class. So she was like "Omg he's having an ****tion!!" Zomgg. And actually, I realised it did totally fit in with the story, except just made it so gross. O: Then when Bella went to Edward's room, and he only had a couch... "Oh. Cannot have ***." HAHA -.-!!

Then I watched Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging with Clarisse and Linn. It was totally the shizz! It was so funny! :) And the 'nunga nunga' bit was it. Omg, it was like totally omg-worthy and omgwhaaaaaaaaaaat?! Haha yeah I laughed like mad! O: And then at the party when Georgia and Robbie kissed, then the screen started showing fireworks OMG. HAAHAHA. :) Saliva city too. I laughed alotalot. :)

"Look, I can't go out with you because, because, because I'm lesbian."
HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA. That was super funny too. :)

Then we went to the MRT. I made Clarisse miss her train, although she did somehow manage to pull me halfway across the platform!! ._. Hahaha she made me miss mine too, I'm sure that Linn go off without me ah! ): Then Clarisse and my train came again at the same time so we left. :D

Today was so fun. :)


♥ 2:22 AM

Gahh. Still can't bring myself to post.

Church, Lunch, Rebonded my hair today. :)

That's all. :)

Haha God is everywhere all the time. He's with me now and always will be. <3>

we're gonna dance dance dance in the freedom we know
we're gonna dance dance in the freedom we know
we're gonna dance dance dance in the freedom we know
because the freedom we know is gonna last forever

God lasts forever. :D
The truth will set you free. :D (John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.)
God is the truth. :D (John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.")

God has set me free!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008
♥ 12:40 AM

Lazy to post, but some pictures koped from HY. :)

P6 leaders! <3>

P6 Leaders again! :)

The awesomest P6 cell evarr. :P Me, Tammy, Cass, Janel, Kenneth, Jun Jie, Petrus, Tobias, Marissa, Faith, Angeline, Joy, Royston, Kieran, Kevin, Sayrie. :D

I got a new haircut today! :) Me, HY, Sarah! <3>

And again. :D <3>

I've been having pretty good days lately, but somehow I just don't feel very happy. :/ Haha but thanks to all those who really mean lots to me cause I appreciate it so much. :D RGCell <3>(HY, Dew, Dorcas, Mel, Adeline, Rebecca, Angela, Ting, Sarah, Vic, Jenn, HZ, Amanda, Chuning), Random Church Peepz (Carissa, Jayna, Maybelline...), My Lovely Darlings (Linn, Ness, Waye, Shao...). Yeah okay my dad has to use my laptop, so anyway I love yall even if I didn't mention you! Take care.

More to come! :)


Friday, December 05, 2008
♥ 11:06 AM

Hey! (:

Yesterday I had Ladies Lunch! Mrs Packer was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss her so much! :D And I got to meet my mum's friends too! Aunty Valerie is so cool hahaha. And they're all really nice! The buffet food was great! And Aunty Val kept making me eat hehe. Full like siao. :X The message was short but meaningful and succint - I know that I know that I know that God loves me and will always be there for me! Mm, good stuff. :D

Then I rushed off to meet Ting Fang, Sarah and Waye at the airport! They were at T3 Macs and I managed to find my way there okay!!! We didn't do much work, but at least we got to discuss chalet and MHS! :D Yep. When Sarah and I went to get coffee from McCafe, I was feeling high, so I was imitating the blender sound, and the guy behind us in the queue gave us this really O.o look!! x) Ooops.

Sat again and had our coffee! Then later Sarah and Ting went for a walk. Waye and I decided to listen to 98.7 on my zen!! 98.7!!!! Hahahahahaha yeah, and he discovered that reception was much better if we put it on a ledge on the wall. O.o But we were afraid it would drop, so we scotchtaped it there!! xD And 5 minutes later, the reception was bad again, so we moved it about 2 inches forward and got the signal again!! xD So funny.

Waye left early and later the Macs guy saw me taking out the tape omg I just died. Had a good day anyway! :D

Today is a busy day. O: Chinese Tuition, Shopping with Clarisse & HZ (lots of things I need to buy!), Dinner with HY maybe, Get Sleeping Bag From TF, Prayer Meeting!

Tomorrow is, Math Tuition, Slack, Church, Cell, Sleepover with Sarah! :D


So in case I don't get to blog again, byebye my lovelies! I'll be at CAMP from 7 - 11th! Still can sms me but I'll probably only reply at night. (:


Wednesday, December 03, 2008
♥ 12:06 AM

Today was a fun day. (:

I'm going to blogsteal from Ness, so below is her post. >:) My words are in pink! (:


you're finally fourteen! so please grow taller and stop being so rubbishy hahaha x) anyway, you've been a really retarded good friend! and seatmate hehe thanks for letting me copy your homework during lessons! but you owe me too, since i always help you during those chinese test things! i hope we'll be in the same class next year, but i really really don't want xxx to be in our class, i'll just die!! O: okay so fabulous fourteen! :D you know, it totally wasn't my fault! it was because they took forever to come up behind Linn, so I couldn't help laughing! O: Okay it was mostly my fault, but still! x)

we went to east coast park! :D me and maria were holding linn's hands, and we kept purposely walking into trees! since she was blindfolded hahaha she couldn't even see! we kept tripping her too :D then we finally sat down somewhere after making linn believe that she had to bend down and walk under a tunnel (at ECP OMG).

when we got the Cake Number One ready we told linn to take off her blindfold in Three, Two, One!!! and we smashed the cake into her face HAHA and worse still we didn't know that it was durian flavoured!!!! linn was just like OMG?!?! all of us were laughing like crap cause her whole face was yellow. then she wiped everything off and we gave her our presents with Cake Number Two! but when linn was looking at Cake Number Two, lianne suddenly whipped out her whipped cream (HAHA) and totally sprayed downwards onto linn's hair! it was super gross haha we started playing with whipped cream, spraying at each other and flinging cream onto each other. i hate whipped cream it smells weird :/ anyway all of us were dirty D: so we washed our hands in the sea. linn was super poor thing cause her whole head was full of whipped cream! and the cream makes your hair harden like gell oops :/

i insisted that macs was this way but all of them said macs was the other way but i was sure it was this way so we walked this way but it was wrong ): we found a bike rental shop so we rented bikes! i doublebiked with lianne hehe :D lianne is a Very Dangerous Girl! she swerves like crap and she bounces on the seat on purpose ._. but whenever she bounces up and down i just slapped her. so the biking was overall quite traumatising, because lianne was being very scary, seriously! her fast peddalling is like Whoa! and i nearly died okay! my feet kept slipping off the pedals then at the end i just gave up and put my feet up HAHA :D Ness is seriously uncool!! She kept telling me about her macho friend who didn't notice when she stopped pedalling and at the beginning she kept screaming cause I could get on properly (the stupid bike was abit freaking high!! it was for Ness' height, NOT MINE!!!!!) so to punish her later i made her scream alot hehehe. She screams so much okay! And she kept hitting my back! She hits abiiiiiiiit hard. And she'll be like "STOP PEDALLING SO FAST!" or just plain screaming! Haha it was so funny. :D She's such an awesome doublebike partner! <3> Oh and the seats were so narrow I think our butts just died! And my legs died from the crazy cycling. But I was high cause it was so fun to go fast! :D

after biking we ate at KFC! and we bitched about random people and discovered how many weird friends maria has. like seriously i can't believe she thinks xxx is very nice omg! we talked for a super long time then walked all the way to macs which took super long! on the way we saw alot of army people who were dying from carrying their army bags. oh yeah it started to rain ): but we walked all the way to the busstop. me and lianne took 16 to plaza sing, then i took 7 home.

when i reached home i bathed and i felt really good without the whipped cream in my hair! :D then my brother made me go out with him and my mum, so we went to vivo! for the like 37547th time this holiday, i'm starting to get really sick of that place. we shopped for his last minute Prom Night stuff, then i convinced my mum to buy my shorts from F21, then we went home :D

//edit: omg, i didn't blog about the spastic retard woman who was yelling cause i thought she was yelling at the guy that "if you're not riding a bike, get off the path!" omg, she was screaming at linn and maria cause they were waiting for us. and alot of f words. O: that is so uncool man. relax lah.


Good day good day. :D I want to doublebike with Ness again!



Sunday, November 30, 2008
♥ 7:08 PM

HAHA omg I'm really amused :D

Tomorrow is WILDCHILD! And anyone want to do Christmas shopping with me? :D KR hasn't replied! But I need you to be like KR and nice and shoppy and willing to go all over Singapore. x) Like last time we went to uh. Tampines right! Yeah! :D

I can't wait for Christmas man!!

♥ 3:07 PM

"Did you see when Nate slept with Blair? WAH his abs ah.." - my mother agreeing that Chace Crawford is cute! Hahahaha last thing I ever expected to hear from my mum, seeing as she didn't want me to watch GG at first o.o



♥ 12:11 AM

I feel like my head is going to split open. Headacheacheache. My mum is watching GG O: Haha.

Yesterday was sleepover! (: It was fun. I met Shao and Ting at Bugis MRT, then we went to walk around! We ate at the foodcourt and we all had prata for lunch. (: Shao had this really cool teepee prata. :D Then we sat and talked for maybe 2 hours? This REALLY cute angmoh toddler came up to us and was like, smiling at us shyly and all. Then he went away, then he came back! He was adorable so we were like, talking to him and all. Then he came to my side. Then later he went to stand in between Shao and me, AND HE WAS GRABBING MY JACKET AND PUTTING HIS HAND UNDERNEATH omg I was freaking out like crazy. He did it multiple times and Shao saved me, so he got angry and started scratching/smacking her and Ting Fang it was so creepy.

We left later and went to walk around! Time was passing really slowly. Then we went to Topshop and Shao and I wanted to get a top each! And there was like, 50% discount on the second piece, so we wanted to buy together. And all our money combined, we were $10 short! So annoying. So Shao and I went to withdraw money while Ting waited. It took forever! So when we got back to topshop, it was like, 7pm! O: And we were so annoyed we HAD to wear the shirts cause it was like, our blood sweat and tears! So we went to change and by that time it was 7.15pm so I decided not to go for prayer meet. :/ Don't really want to walk in when everyone's praying and all that. :/

We went to eat dinner and it was really funny cause we were talking about noses and we laughed until all our stomachs hurt! And time flew by really fast and before we knew it, it was 9.30! So we rushed back to my house to watch Ghost Whisperer. :D

We got back at 9.55, just 5 minutes before the show! :D We watched, then rubbished around downstairs and hahahahahahaha the balls thing and decorating the tree and synchronised swimming! I'll never forget. :D

Then we watched a bit of TV and went upstairs. We lazed around till like, 2am! Then we slept. Shao kindly offered to turn off the lights: "I'm going to turn off the lights, then I'm going to run and jump on the bed!" Ting's and my reaction was pretty obvious right; "Oh crap she's going to taupok us!"

And haha yeah she really did land on us. -.-

Woke up around 7am today then Ting went to training, Shao and I lazed around, then ate breakfast, then went to talk and slept. xD Then Ting came back around 11.30. (:

Shao went home, we rubbished around more, then we got ready for church!

We reached slightly later than usual. Had P6 cell and service again! Today during cell we played huilaiba again and Royston and Casey got forfeit! We didn't want to disturb David's cell again so we went to Marc's (I think) cell today. Hoho.

Then we had sharing and stuff, then went downstairs for cell! Hee.

Today our whole sec2 batch was there! Ting, Angela, Sarah, me. :D

Haha yeah I was super sleepy for some reason so I was like, halfasleep most of the time.



Friday, November 28, 2008
♥ 1:27 AM

I am so majorly bored because I have become used to sleeping around 3-4am? And now there's no GG to watch and I refuse to read The Host until I get a good reading spot! and nothing on TV, 98.7 is to listen to; not do.

Here're some memes I koped from Ness cause I'm reaaaaaaally bored.

the m&m meme

[x] You like long walks on the beach. Haha calming and retrospective(:
[ ] You believe in long-distance relationships. Hard:/
[ ] You're a big flirt. Pls no?
[ ] You have been with 3 or more guys since school started. No?!
[ ] Guys think you have a brain the size of a peanut. HAHA if you do I'll beat you up. See who's the peanut brain.
[ ] You do something because he likes it. Eh? Don't get the question.
Total: 1.

[x] You have more than 4 pairs of shoes. Of course?!
[ ] You go shopping more than twice a month. Not all the time. I prefer just chatting(:
[x] You have more than 5 purses. Of course! I love my bags.
[ ] You don't care about school much. Haha actually I care quite alot, more than you'd think!
[ ] The last time you finished a book was in elementary school. No way. I love books!!
[ ] Your makeup box is so full it is going to explode. Hate the stuff.
Total: 2.

[ ] You have corrected a teacher more than once after elementary school. Don't really bother. Others can do it. (x
[ ] You often study. Not really. But studygroups are fun with enough and the right people(:
[ ] You have many goals for yourself. Not really. xD
[x] Guy are the lowest on your priority list. In relation to memes, 'guys' usually mean finding boyfriends right? Yeah, pretty much. If you mean guys as in the people, then of course not.
[x] People call you stuff and you seem not to care anymore. Haha yeah, been there done that way too many times. O.o
[x] You carry more than two books in your backpack. Definitely! Unless it's like, my handbag, then no.
Total: 3.

[x] You love animals. Yes!! (:
[x] You recycle. Yes!
[ ] You care about the whales that are dying. Well, haven't heard of them I think, so guess not.
[x] You have done something to save trees which excludes recycling. I haven't burnt down those in my garden, right.
[ ] You have a piece of a recycled object. Eh, like what.
[x] You turn off all the lights before leaving the house. Who doesn't. O: Don't turn off lights also pay more $$$!
Total: 4

[x] You're emo or have been emo before. Hasn't everyone? I'm totally not the emo type though, that's not me anymore. :D
[ ] The only jeans you own are skinny jeans. Gross, no skinny jeans for me.
[ ] The closest colour you have to any bright colours in your wardrobe/closet is white or grey. I have bright orange, don't joke!
[ ] The most annoying person bugs you and thinks that you're her friend. Not anymore... (x
[x] You know that your so-called friend talked bad things about you behind your back. Yeah, well.
[x] You just want to inflict pain on the preppy girls. Like, richkids? In GG yes. In real life, I don't know anyone like that, so. (x
Total: 3.

[ ] Your friends love you because you help them whenever you need help. That sentence doesn't make sense.
[ ] You have one of your friends in every class. Not in classes like 203 or so.
[x] You share because you care. Of course.
[ ] You feed your own animals. My maids help me do it. (x
[x] You always turn in your homework. Of course, I'm so guai. :D Okay Chinese totally doesn't count. No one does.
[ ] You're so-called responsible. Hehe I doubt people really think that.
Total: 2

So, I am a GREEN m&m! Haha cool. :D And notice the numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2! I think that's pretty cool.

The Letter A
1. Are you available?
Nope, not free to go out! Sorraye honey.
2. What is your age?
14. I want to be 16!
3. What annoys you?
Haha umm alot of things I guess. But I usually get un-annoyed easily too. (:

The Letter B
1. Do you live in a big house?
Um, quite big I guess!
2. When is your birthday?

The Letter C
1. What is your favourite candy?
I like alot of candy.
2. Who's your crush?
3. When was the last time you cried?
I kind of don't keep track..

The Letter D
1. Do you daydream?
2. What's your favourite kind of dog?
No favourite!
3. What day of the week is it?
Friday, kinda.

The Letter E
1. How do you like your eggs?
Hard boiled!
2. Have you ever been in the emergency room?
3. What's the easiest thing ever to do?
Um. Blink, I guess.

The Letter F
1. Have you ever flown in a plane?
Yes! I want to now. ):
2. Do you use fly swatters?
No, gross. I won't want to pick up the dead fly. Thank God I don't need one.
3. Have you ever used a foghorn?
Probably not, since I don't know what that is!

The Letter G
1. Do you chew gum?
I wish! D: I want. (:
2. Are you a giver or a taker?
3. Do you like gummy candies?
Yup. :D

The Letter H
1. How are you?
Tired I guess, but not sleepy! And I'm feeling kinda determined to be more flexible. :D Ooh and amused cause my mum is watching GG now. xD
2. What colour is your hair?
Dark brown.

The Letter I
1. What's your favourite icecream?
Chocolate! Or mango too. :D
2. Have you ever ice-skated?
Yup, but I'm quite sick of it.
3. Do you play an instrument?
Nope. ): I want to learn the piano, just to play White Houses. :D Anyone can teach me? I'll love you forever.

The Letter J
1. What's your favourite jellybean brand?
I don't have one. But I like those from Pasir Ris.
2. Do you wear jewelry?
Haha yeah sometimes! Rarely earrings though.

The Letter K
1. Who do you want to kill?
No one? (x
2. Do you want kids?
Uh. Definitely not now!
3.Where did you go for kindergarten?
Gracefields. I hate my parents for not sending me to Raffles Kindergarten! Then I'd be like, RK, RGPS, RGS, RJC!!! Then while I'm in RGS and RJC they can take time to build RU. (:

The Letter L
1. Are you laid back?
Pretty much!
2. Do you lie?
Usually not, unless it's something like someone whom I'm not close to/am annoyed by asks me how I'm doing when I'm sad or something. Then I'll just say I'm happy or something. Yeah. (x

The Letter M
1. What's your favourite movie?
Haha can't pick!
2. Do you still watch Disney movies?
Yes! :P
3. Do you like mangoes?

The Letter N
1. Do you have a nickname?
A few - Lia, Dett, Detty, Anne.
2. What is your real name?
3. What's your favourite number?
Don't have one.
4. Do you prefer night over day?
More awake at night, but more boring too.

The Letter O
1. What's your one wish?
Haha I would only wish to be close to God for the rest of my life and longer. :D
2. Are you an only child?

The Letter P
1. What one fear are you most paranoid about?
Haha not sure.. But I know I freak out when I hear ringing sounds. It makes me frantic. Not any ringtone, but ringing.
2. What are you pet peeves?
Haha umm. Can't think of one on the spot.
3. What's a personality trait you look for in people?
Um, not really a specific one! But just if that person is someone I could get along with I guess. (:

The Letter Q
1. What's your favourite quote?
Can't think of one right now. :/
//edit: My mum's watching GG and my new favourite quote is "When Prince Charming found Cinderella's slipper, they didn't accuse him of having a foot fetish."
2. Are you quick to judge people?
Sometimes I guess!

The Letter R
1. Do you think you're always right?
Of course not. But yeah, no one likes to be wrong.
2. Are you one to cry?
I like to think not! Actually, I can quite surely say, no.

The Letter S
1. Do you prefer sun or rain?
Rain! Nice to walk in. I hate being sweaty in the sun.
2. Do you like snow?
Haha I think I would!
3. What's your favourite season?
Not sure..

The Letter T
1. What time is it?
2. What time did you wake up?
3. When was the last time you slept in a tent?
Long time ago! P3 maybe?

The Letter U
1. Are you wearing underwear?
What do you think? Yes!
2. Underwear or boxers?
Uh. Underwear?

The Letter V
1. What's the worst veggie?
Definitely brussel sprouts.
2. Where do you want to go on vacation?
Vancouver, right nowwwwwwww. ):

The Letter W
1. What's your worst habit?
Eating at irregular times of the day.
2. Where do you live?
3. What's your worst fear?
Haha not sure...

The Letter X
1. Have you ever had an x-ray?
Yes! It was freaky and cold!
2. Have you seen the x-games?
Guessing not, cause I don't know what they are.
3. Do you own a xylophone?
Nope! I think they're pretty cool though.

The Letter Y
1. Do you like the colour yellow?
Haha why not. :D
2. What's one thing you yearn for?

The Letter Z
1. What's your zodiac sign?
2. Do you believe in the zodiac?
Haha are you kidding me? No way.
3. Favourite zoo animal?
Haha I don't know. I haven't been there in forever. And truthfully, I dislike going to the zoo.

Wow okay I finished two memes! (: I guess I'm kinda sleepy now. Will watch GG with my mum then sleep. Meeting Shouting at Bugis tomorrow. <3>

Oh and my sister is giving me her old camera cause she got a new one!! :D


♥ 12:24 AM

Haha wow, just wow. (:

Things can change so, so fast. I mean, whether you want it to, whether you even care perhaps, or whether you're really aware of it, things change all the time, and it's not like you're in control right?

Was just reading my friend's blog archives after getting to know that person better, and then I realised how different those words sound now. Like I actually understand more, and they don't seem that harsh. I haven't forgotten, suddenly mere acquaintances, then rumoured to be more, then those teeny arguments we had, then we didn't talk for months, and I still remember worrying that it was me you were talking about. Then just as quickly as I'd gotten to know you, we talked again, and then again, just as quickly, it was gone...

Haha yes anyway, this year going to Megalife has changed me so much I've realised. God has shown me so much, and I am incredibly thankful for everyone I've met; enemy or friend. And I know some people, I have failed them, and for others I have made them... more troubled than they ought to be. I know it's kinda early to be making New Year's resolutions and all, and no, I'm not as stupid as last year to try to stick to them. (x But yeah, next year my only goal is to be, well, a better person. :D

But for now. (x I don't know, I just feel like not having to care about anybody for a while, just for this holiday. Like, going out with everybody and anybody, whenever and all the time, whatever and everything! Just be a crazy wild girl who wants to have fun, albeit still knowing my boundaries of course. :D But then, that's just too much GG for me. xD

So, I've typed about.. 5 paragraphs of crap. What I've been up to:

Yesterday (Wednesday), I was still being a total hermit with my MSN and handphone off, but stupid Linnette Teo (have I told you how much I seriously hate her now!!) decided to call me on my HOME PHONE and made my maid wake me up. Grawrrrrrrrr.

Maria came about TWO HOURS late (thanks for waking me up so early, Linn) and then we did NASA! We were productive at first, and my drawing skills are so teh pro. (: My awesome diagrams! :P Then we had lunch. After which, Linn promptly decided to go to sleep.

I did NASA for a bit, then Maria and I started playing Neopets HAHA. Then for some reason, she started taking vids/photos of me so I told her to go disturb Linn. :P She went to film Linn and was like "This is my friend Linnette Teo. She is sleeping with the b______ i_ b______ h__ l___. And she is listening to her iPod, which shows that she does NOT care about global warming! Furthermore, it is LIANNE'S iPod, which shows that she does not care..." and so on and so forth. And it was so retarded cause she did it really bimbotically!

Then I asked her to do it again informally, and she was like "AIYO, LINNETTE TEO AH..." Then I started laughing like crap and Linn woke up! Then we started doing really retarded stuff, and Linn took out her camera and started taking pictures!! Omg. Hahaha, then I pretended to be reporter like and jumped onto the bed and asked her retarded celeb-related questions hehe. And Maria caught the entire thing on video, but amidst all the screaming/squealing/yelling, all you could hear of my interview was like, "N___ S______!!!" ._. But it was very funny and we laughed like crazy while watching. :D

Mm, so at the end, we still had alot to do. x)

Today (Thursday), Shao was supposed to come for sleepover, but she wasn't feeling well! So she's coming with Ting Fang tomorrow instead. (: So I ended up watching GG the whole day! (: It is quite the cool. But everything changes so fast, I'm not quite sure who to hate now. HAHA. I know I hated Blair, Nate, Chuck alot at first. Then I hated Dan and Jennifer alot. Then I hated their dad alot. Then I hated Georgina alot! Haha okay but in the end, I HAVE PEACE IN MY HEART and I love all of them. :D Except the gossipgirl herself cause she is so irritating! (x

And hereby let me declare my love for 98.7fm. :DDDDD
And GG isn't bad too, but I'm not going to watch Season 2 cause the ending of Season 1 was so satisfying (EXCEPT FOR SERENA AND DAN BREAKING UP) so I don't want to watch more in case the happy ending is ruined. (x
And I can't wait for Twilight to come out!
And I can't wait to read The Host! But I must find a nice quiet peaceful spot to just read the entire day first.
And I can't wait for MEGALIFE!
And S.C.D!
Yeeeeeeeeah I think that's about it.



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